I’m Madi Calvert

I am a Product Designer who specializes in modular, scalable designs and animated interaction feedback. With a background in games, VR and AR, and web development, I love exploring the challenges of new technologies.

I love expanding my skills outside of design, in illustration, 3D, animation, VFX, and scripting.

What I Love Doing

Product Design

Building products through market research and UX methodologies to help ensure product success.

UI & Web Design

Creating scalable designs with a consistent visual language—everything has a purpose and place.


Creating illustrations that help sell ideas, with varying levels of fidelity and styles.


Screen transitions, input feedback, or even 3D characters that guide a user through an experience, and give tactile feedback.

3D & VFX

Character and environment modeling and texturing, and more recently exploring the world of VFX.

Game Development

Getting my hands dirty with screen implementation and animations in Unity and Unreal.

Think I could be a good fit for your team?

I love learning about new opportunities—remote or local to Vancouver. Feel free to reach out anytime!