Soft Paws Hospital UX & UI Design

Full Design Brief

Design Brief

Soft Paws Pet Hospital is fake company based on a veterinary clinic in North Burnaby. It specializes in both general checkups, as well as specialty surgeries. A mobile-first rebranding and website redesign were chosen to inspire trust among customers, as well as bring in new customers.


Due to the large range in audience, personas and research centered primarily around the location of the clinic. With the clinic’s focus being to bring in new customers, having a persona that reflected this factor was a priority. Almost half the homes in Canada have at least one cat or dog - so having good veterinary options is a must!

Ideal Persona

Labels & Navigation

Low Fidelity Prototyping

Low fidelity prototypes were created on paper for the sake of speed. Upon the first round of user testing, it was apparent that clearer writing and selective use of colour would benefit the user flow.

Medium Fidelity Prototyping

Medium fidelity prototypes were then reviewed by other designers before final testing. Soft, bright colours were chosen to give a trustworthy, clean appearance and imagery of pets was used throughout to emphasize the subject of the app. A customizable user center encourages interactivity within the app, along with supporting the user’s relationship with the hospital.

Note: Modifications were made to the above user process

High Fidelity Prototype